1 Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent - Stop Dogs Barking +Pest/Animal Repeller

1 Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent - Stop Dogs Barking +Pest/Animal Repeller
1 Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent - Stop Dogs Barking +Pest/Animal Repeller
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Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent / 100W Ultrasonic Generator

Now with 1/4"-20 camera mount for tripod.
This is a a Powerful Dog Bark Deterrent that can also be used as Variable frequency 100W Ultrasonic Generator for experimenting with Ultrasound. 

Many of our customers like to use our 10" Long Range horn to narrow the Ultrasonic beam and so extend the range, so we're now offering the Dog Bark Deterrent with horn adapter already attached -CLICK HERE

 It can also be used for loitering control, when set just outside of audible range. In that case teenagers still can hear the high-pitched noise (while adults can't) and it'll drive them away. To repel dogs and encourage them to stop barking, set it also to inaudible range.
Comes assembled in plastic box, with AC wall adapter. For portable use, requires an external 12V DC battery.
Others sell dog bark deterrents that output a single frequency, which animals can adapt to, and after a while ignore. The advantage of this generator is that if that happens, you can slightly change the frequency which will overcome the adaptation. . You also can add more air transducers we sell, for more power. Comes with one air transducer.
Additionally, it can be used in ANTI-LOITERING Mode, which only affects TEENAGERS.
And unlike other versions of dog repellents that have paper diaphragms, ours is WATERPROOF, so it can be used outdoors 24/7 for repelling dogs and wild animals. We dunked it, and it worked while under water for half an hour without a problem.
Can also be used with our 12V PIR Proximity switch, which turns it on ONLY when it senses body heat.

Use for EXPERIMENTING with Ultrasound:
 You can ADD UP TO four of our 75W or 100W Air transducers (sold separately), or two 130dB Air Transducer for MORE POWER, Also can be used as Variable frequency 100W Ultrasonic Generator.
Here's a short description of the generator (Pull the black jumper to switch to the generator mode):
"New 100-Watt peak power (about 50W RMS) Ultrasonic Generator. Output is an AC square wave, but can be switched to simulated sine wave at lower output power. Frequency is variable with a potentiometer between about 10 kHz and 50 kHz. Can be powered from 12 to 36 volts DC."
In the Dog Bark Deterrent mode, frequency is variable between about 4kHz and 20kHz.

Use as an Animal Repeller:
Also Works to REPEL stray CATS and DOGS, RACCOONS, DEER, and BATS. Not so good for squirrels and birds.

Use to discourage Loitering:
Here is a report from one user regarding loitering:

"These teenager loiterers were oblivious to everything else we and the neighbors have tried - disapproving stares, Neighborhood watch signs, video surveilance signs(and cameras!), increased special police patrols - nothing worked until I bought this. It works like a charm! As soon as I see them gathering, I turn it on. Thug 1: "Hey what is that ~!@#$%^ sound" thug 2: "What sound?" thug 3: "You don't hear that &^%$? It's giving me a headache! lets go somewhere else"."

Customer Testimonial:
Here is a report from one user:

I wanted to tell you that with your ultrasonic Dog Bark deterrent I was able to train the neighbor's dog not to snarl and  throw himself against the fence at me. He rarely barks at us now. I can enjoy my back yard much more now.

Best regards,
M. V.

 Product Comparison:

We've recently purchased and tested one of our competitor's products. We can't name it due to liability issues, but below is a picture with the name blacked out.

Most bark deterrents claim about 4000 sq. feet coverage, which is about 65 feet effective range. The unit we've tested is claimed to have a range of 300' and 120db power due to their "high pressure" transducer, and sells for around $90. We've found that it has the same 16mm ultrasonic transducer as $10 handheld ultrasonic deterrents which have a range of only a few yards. And when we checked it with a decibel meter, it showed 77db, which is FAR less than the claimed 120db. And that's about 20db LESS than our bark deterrent. And since sound drops in volume by about 6db per doubling of distance, our deterrent should have at least THREE times longer range than their 77db one.

See MORE TESTIMONIALS for our Boxed 130db transducer add-on - CLICK HERE

Has a 1/4"-20 camera mount so that it can be put on a tripod (NOT included). You can see our 

Tripods HERE.


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