10" LONG RANGE Horn for Ultrasonic Transducer
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10" Long Horn for Ultrasonic Transducer


New, 10" long Horn for ultrasonic transducers. This long, narrow, round horn (6" front diam.) projects ultrasound much farther than most other horns. Will fit on our 100-Watt Air transducers, as well as on our Dog Bark Deterrents with ADAPTER. If you need to deliver ultrasound at long distances, you want this horn. There are few horns longer than this one, and most cost a lot more than $20.

We've tested these horns, and at audible frequencies (2 - 16kHz) they boost sound by 2 - 5 db. And at Ultrasonic frequencies (around 20kHz) they boost power by 9-12db, which should at least DOUBLE the range.

Great for experimenting with Phasor Pain Field generator, LRAD(tm) sonic weapon, creating INFRA-sound at distance to kill insects, stopping dogs from barking, keeping racoons out of trash, etc.







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