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PULSED Ultrasonic Frequency Generator IC.



This is a PULSED version of our ultrasonic Sweep IC. It has the same three modes (frequency ranges) as the Sweep IC, but the output isn't a continuous frequency sweep, but 0.5 second bursts, followed by an OFF period, which repeats once every 4 seconds. There are about 20 different bursts, and the frequency slightly increases after each bursts. For example in mode 3, the bursts start at 18kHz, then 18.25kHz, 18.5kHz, etc. until 23kHz, after which the cycle repeats.

The advantage of bursts over continuous sweep, is that it allows pumping more power into the transducer, which can double or triple the range. Because there is a long OFF period, the transducer can handle more power without overheating/failing. The range with our ULTRASOUND CANNON, is about 300 meters (900 feet). We should have the ultrasound cannons in a few weeks, but this Pulsed IC can be used with our 240W power amp with regular transducers as well. The diagram is the same as the Sweep IC, shown below

This is to be used with our 240W extended range power amp, for stopping dog barking, and chasing away racoons and other wild animals.



Below is the description of our sweep IC, which is posted for reference only.

New Microchip programmed with 3 different frequency sweeps. Made for use with our Air Ultrasonic transducers and other high frequency transducers.
Three modes of operation:

  • 1. Anti-Intrusion (audible, similar to LRAD)
  • 2. Crowd Control (borderline ultrasonic)
  • 3. Animal Control (fully ultrasonic, 18 to 23kHz)

One mode is ultrasonic, one partially ultrasonic, and one audible, all produce frequency sweeps. Use it to drive an audio power amp, or IRF530 mosfet, or a darlington driver like ULN2803 or ULN2074 to amplify the signal. Great for experimenting with PHASER pain field generators, dog training, etc.

The sweeps are programmed into an 8-pin Dip microcontroller and the modes are selected by grounding one of the pins. Output is a low duty cycle square wave which continuously changes frequency over several thousand hertz, and can be used either directly by just amplifying it, or by using an inductor in series with the transducer, which will convert the squarewave into sinewave, which drives the transducer more efficiently.

You could make a sweep generator like this using two 555 timers and about two dozen other components, but why do it the hard way? The speed of the sweep is also selectable, either fast or slow.

Please note that you CAN'T measure the frequency of this chip accurately with a counter. Frequency meters with 1Hz resolution have a gate time of 1 sec., during which the chip's frequency changes 250 times. So what you get is the average frequency, not the highest one. So if your counter reads 16kHz, that's the average frequency, while the actual highest frequency is close to 20 kHz.

The Animal control Mode can also be used as a Dog Whistle or Dog Trainer, and probably as an Insect Repellant too (since it sweeps through the mosquito repellant frequency). We also have

Phaser technology is also a basis of LRAD non-lethal weapon devices which were recently used to defend US Cruise Ship against Pirates near Somalia (Nov. 2005). . More info is in our air transducer auction And this chip's Anti-Intrusion mode is the closest of the three, to the LRAD frequencies used in its anti-intrusion mode.

And yet another use of Ultrasound (around 17.5kHz) is to discourage loitering of teenagers around stores, because only teenagers can hear that frequency. It becomes very annoying for them after about 10 minutes. In UK the power level is limited to 75db, but I don't know about any limits on ultrasound in US.





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