42.8 kHz Ultrasonic Piezo Transducer 50W (free energy) HHO
42.8 kHz Ultrasonic Piezo Transducer 50W (free energy) HHO
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42.8 kHz 50W Ultrasonic Piezo Transducer

This is a special Ultrasonic Piezo Transducer. It's special because 42.8 kHz is claimed by many sources, starting with John Keely, as well as Bob Boyce, to be the frequency to dissociate water. I.e. to break the molecular bonds and so possibly use less energy to split apart the water, than the energy it produces when water is created. Another famous experiment claimed to shoot a column of water in which there was produced a standing wave from 42.8kHz transducer, straight up through the roof, making a clean hole in the ceiling. We haven't verified these claims, and sell these rare transducers for people who want to experiment with this famous frequency.

These transducers are 40mm (1.6") in diameter, and are resonant at 42.8kHz, but will handle about 41.8kHz to 43.8kHz at somewhat reduced power. Sale includes ONE piece, although the picture shows two. We only have a few of these.

Here's a quote and a link. Or you can google '42.8khz water':

"Dr. X took periodic readings of his instrumentation and was assured that the standing wave was being maintained. Suddenly, with no warning whatever the water disappeared from the open quartz tube. He looked up thinking to see the water splashed on the ceiling when to his amazement a clean hole went right through the ceiling. The hole was the same size as the inside of the quartz tube."


And make sure it's epoxied or bolted to a vessel filled with water before powering it. If the vessel is empty or transducer is not attached to anything, it can shatter upon powering it.




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