130dB Powerful Air ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER (for Phasor generator, Dog Deterrent...
130dB Powerful Air ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER (for Phasor generator, Dog Deterrent...
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This is our most Powerful ULTRASONIC AIR TRANSDUCER. Has metal body with a removable plastic horn, and is about 4" big. Frequency range is 5kHz - 25kHz, and it can be powered directly from any extended Audio Power Amp such as our 240W Amplifier, or our 100W Ultrasound Generator, Dog Bark Deterrent or Sonic Nausea device. 
Produces up to 130dB Sound Power at frequencies below 10kHz, and is most effective up to 19kHz, with lower output at frequencies above that. Is about 20dB more powerful than our 100W Air transducer.

Can be used for experimenting with ultrasound and as a Phasor pain field generator (by continuously sweeping frequency). That can be triggered by a trip wire or other sensor, and used as a security system to repel two or four-legged trespassers. Sweeping ultrasound can cause certain adverse effects like paranoia, severe headaches, disorientation, nausea, cranial pain, upset stomach, or just plain irritating discomfort. Great for animal control. Frequencies below 21khz affect humans, and above 21khz are for animal control.

We also have a BOXED version here:


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