Magic Evacuated Solar Tube
Magic Evacuated Solar Tube
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Use this tube for various science or hobby projects. Can be used to Boil water using only sunlight! 1 tube can raise 1 liter of water from 60'F(15'C) to 212'F(100'C) in one hour of direct sunlight (without a reflector).

There also are products using these tubes for solar cookers, but those cost around $400. Using these tubes with a DIY reflector can replicate that for a lot less. Here's a picture of one such product:

We do not sell those solar cookers. You're purchasing ONLY the solar tube. Here is another cooker design that produces 550*F to cook food, and that can be built with our solar tube:


-20 1/2" long (about 500mm)
-2 1/4" outside diameter (about 58mm)
-1 3/4" inside diameter (about 43mm)
-Double wall structure with vacuum between walls
-Super-absorbent inner tube coating quickly soaks up solar energy
-Steel, aluminum, and copper coatings for infrared reflective insulation

-Incredible thermos-like properties can keep water hot even over night


Each solar evacuated tube soaks up the energy in sunlight, absorbing it into the super-insulated inner tube of their incredible double-wall heating system. Once inside, the heat of the sunlight is trapped inside the inner wall of the inner glass tube, creating a powerful solar thermal collector. Highly-reflective layers of steel, aluminum, and copper trap the infra-red energy of the sunlight, and the nearly perfect vacuum between the inner wall and the outer transparent wall protect the inner tube from heat loss due to convection, just like a high-grade drink thermos. This thermos effect can quickly heat water to boiling temperatures in direct sunlight, and keep the water well over 100 degrees, even over night! Perfect for you DIY, home improvement, solar hot water heater.

Here's a picture showing how this solar tube can be used with an aluminum reflector to cook food:

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